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Bed & Breakfast Casa Venezia is located in the heart of the town of Bernalda, and offers short and long term accommodation in a brand new homie building. All our rooms are modern and our amenities and services are worth of starred hotels! Even if we say so ourselves.

Bernalda is a very active community with attractions for your eyes and your stomachs. It also provides easy access to the surrounding shores, hills, and mountains!

The best for your stay


Our facility was completely renovated just before we opened. Each room has its own private bathroom, A/C and heating with individual control. The entire building is covered with free Wi-Fi service. And we're 10 steps away from the city center! Ok, make that 20 steps.


We prepare each room with great attention to details. Fresh towels and bedding are provided periodically, and daily upon request, for no additional cost.


This is our strongest suit! We want your stay to feel the best ever: ask as where to get the best local food, what beaches to visit, or whatever else regarding our surroundings—we won't stop spitting recommendations. Upon request, we also offer luggage custody free of charge and shuttle service for nearby destinations.

Around here

The coast of Metapontina spans just at the feet of the hill of Bernalda. It was first colonized back in the era of Magna Graecia (Greater Greece) in the 8th century BCE. Today, we can admire what the great Greek civilization has left behind, from the Tavole Palatine and the Temple of Apollo Licio. The National Archeological Museum of Metaponto holds a vast collection of remains that archeology has brought back to light over the years.

Along the coast of Metaponto, several seaside facilities and resort offer vacationers everything they need for their Ionian Sea experience. In the area there is also a constant renewal of events and folklore, especially during the long summer nights.

Feast of Saint Bernardino of Siena

August 7—23

The Patronal Feast of Saint Bernardino of Siena is one of the most notable events of the area, attracting visitors from all neighboring regions. It is one of the longest patronal celebrations, with events that span over two weeks, connecting religion, sport, music, and much more. The feast and its events offer citizens and visitors an immersion in the history of the city of Bernalda, originally called Camarda.
Initiatives are enriched with the honorable presence of groups from all over Italy that participate in a long and fascinating parade. Events reach the apex on the night of August 23, the day of the Tradition, when the historic parade crosses the town, accompanied my knights, flag wavers, trombones, and arquebusiers, the banners from local Institutions and Authorities, bands, chaices, and the triumphal chariot. In the parade, you can spot Kign Carl the III, his squires, and the Templar Knights. At the end of the night, a great firework celebration lights up the historic center from the valley below.

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